What is Cronhub?

Cronhub is a cloud-based tool to monitor your scheduled jobs (or cron jobs). It makes it very easy to keep track of all your cron jobs in a single dashboard. After integrating your job with a Cronhub monitor we can send you alerts when:

  1. Your job doesn't run on schedule (e.g. you have daily running job but it failed to run)
  2. Your job runs longer than expected (e.g. your job should finish within a minute but it took an hour to finish)

Cronhub supports E-mail, Slack, SMS, Webhook and very soon PagerDuty notification channels.

What is a monitor?

For each job, you need to create a monitor. The schedule of your cron and the created monitor should always match. For instance, if you have a minutely running job on your server you should create a monitor and set the cron schedule to * * * * *.

What is monitor's ping URL?

When you create a new monitor on Cronhub we generate a unique UUID. The ping URL consists of the that UUID and the endpoint. For instance, if you only want to monitor the schedule of your cron job then your ping URL will look like this:

In this example the UUID is 1f5e3410-254c-11e8-b61d-55875966d031 and the endpoint is /ping.

You will need to make HTTP requests from your cron job every time it runs. If you want to monitor the running time of the job as well you need to ping twice. At the start of your job and when the job is finished. After receiving the first ping the monitor is set. It will start monitoring your job.

How does alerting work?

If any of your jobs don't run on schedule or run longer than expected Cronhub will alert you. Currently, you can send alerts via Email, Slack, Webhook and SMS integrations. More integrations are coming soon!